Vent Hygiene Specialist, Ductwork Cleaning Specialist & Kitchen Grease Extract Operative

CRO Closure and New SKILLcard Route

Which CRO cards are affected?

  • Vent Hygiene Specialist
  • Ductwork Cleaning Specialist
  • Kitchen Grease Extract Operative


Why is SKILLcard closing these CRO Cards?

SKILLcard is a partner card scheme of CSCS and is authorised to carry the CSCS logo. SKILLcard is committed, alongside all CSCS partner card schemes, to deliver to the Construction Leadership Council’s (CLC) 2025 vision. As a result, card schemes carrying the CSCS logo including SKILLcard, must only certify those occupations with nationally recognised construction related qualifications, i.e. NVQs or approved equivalents. This is a phased programme of closures and at this time we are now managing the closure of the Vent Hygiene Specialist, Ductwork Cleaning Specialist & Kitchen Grease Extract Operative CRO cards.


What should I apply for now?

SKILLcard no longer accept Vent Hygiene Specialist, Ductwork Cleaning Specialist or Kitchen Grease Extract Operative CRO new card applications or renewals. Applicants will instead need to apply for a red, blue or gold SKILLcard which is now available for this occupation. See below for details on the qualification routes for these cards.


New SKILLcard Qualifications

In order to qualify for a red, blue or gold SKILLcard for the these occupations, you must demonstrate the appropriate qualifications. See below for the qualifications required for each card:

  • Red Trainee SKILLcard - be registered for or currently undertaking Building Services Engineering Ventilation Hygiene Technician Apprenticeship. Following successful completion you will be able to upgrade your red card to a blue or gold card.
  • Blue SKILLcard - Complete either the BESA Air Hygiene Operative (AHO) or BESA Grease Hygiene Operative (GHO) short courses
  • Gold SKILLcard - Complete either the BESA Air Hygiene Technician (AHT) or BESA Grease Hygiene Technician (GHT) short courses

You can find full details of these courses and how to book on the BESA training website.



Vent Hygiene Qualifications

New Courses

The ventilation hygiene sector is growing as building owners face rising costs and more stringent conditions imposed on them by insurers concerned about fires being spread through poorly maintained ventilation systems. The need to keep food preparation areas free of contamination is another increasingly important area of potential reputational risk and depends on air systems being kept clear of airborne contaminants.

The new courses have been developed by expert members from the BESA Ventilation Hygiene Group in conjunction with BESA's TR19 - the industry's primary standard for ventilation hygiene. They are designed to ensure you provide a service to the highest of standards and giving your customers peace of mind.

There are four BESA accredited courses within ventilation:

  • Air Hygiene Operative (AHO)
  • Air Hygiene Technician (AHT)
  • Grease Hygiene Operative (GHO)
  • Grease Hygiene Technician (GHT)

The BESA accredited courses cover all aspects of ductwork cleaning and hygiene.

For more information on the course content and how to book, visit the BESA Training website.

Need more guidance?

If you have any questions please do not hesitate ot contact the SKILLcard team.

Tel: 01768 860406 


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