How to apply for a SKILLcard

Applying for a SKILLcard is an easy 3 step process: find out which card you would like to apply for, pass the relevant health and safety test, then send us your completed application form. You can find out more below.

If you’re not sure which card you need to apply for, our card locator can help.

If you know which card you’re looking for, you can download an application form.

Before you apply, you’ll need to make sure you pass the relevant Health, Safety and Environment test (more details here).

You’ll find lots more useful information using the links below. 

occupations available

Find out which areas of work are covered by SKILLcard.


cards available

See what SKILLcards are available, and find the one for you.


how to apply

All you need to apply for your SKILLcard.