A completely new service for SKILLcard holders


Do you have sight of your skills and training in an instant? Working with Reference Point, SKILLcard is now able to provide card holders and employers even more benefits, with access to SkillSight the free Training Management Solution.

Clear Vision

Essentially, SkillSight is for any individual who has a SKILLcard or any organisation that is looking to take control and harness the true potential of SKILLcard across their business.

SkillSight transforms each smart SKILLcard into a powerful business tool, by allowing the cardholder or nominated representative to add training, qualifications and information that would not otherwise be possible.

SkillSight enables you to transform your smart SKILLcard into a fully accessible skills passport.



Keeping Sight

Keeping track of employees and contractors, ensuring they have the right skills and qualifications for the job and keeping sight of all of their training and qualifications can be difficult to manage, and often extremely time consuming.

For large companies, SkillSight provides supply chain visibility that is crucial when managing the qualifications and training of the mobile workforce. By checking the smartcards electronically, online or via our Go-Smart apps, authority to work can be assured and fake cards can be detected.

For small businesses who would not normally have the resources to support sophisticated training databases, SkillSight opens up a world of possibilities that are usually only available to big budget companies.

Seeing Results

SkillSight is completely free and available 24/7.

Registration is simple and only requires some basic details before you are able to unlock the true power residing in your smartcard.



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