Closure of CRO cards

CRO Closure and new SKILLcard routes

Which CRO cards are affected?

  • Air Handling Equipment Service and Installation Specialist

  • Air Handling Unit/HVAC Plant Movement Specialist

  • BMS Building Controls Engineer

  • Building Air Integrity Sealing/Testing Specialist

  • Building Water Treatment Service Provider

  • Cold-room Installer

  • Convection Heating & Radiant Panel Installer

  • Domestic Air Leakage Tester/Consultant

  • Dust Extraction Systems Installer

  • Fire Extinguisher Engineer

  • Fridge/Freezer Fitter

  • Fume Cupboard Installer

  • Heat Recovery Systems Specialist

  • Hot Tapping/Line Stopping Specialist

  • Humidification Engineer

  • HVAC Equipment Manufacturers Support Staff

  • Industrial Boiler Erector

  • Kitchen Fire Suppression System Installation Specialist

  • Medical Gas Services Installer Engineer

  • Pipe Freezing Specialist

  • Plastics Fabrication Specialist

  • Service Engineer - Vibration Analysis/Fan Balancing

  • Smoke and Natural Ventilation Installer

  • Specialist Refrigeration Unit Installation Personnel

  • Steam and Industrial Fluid Equipment Service Engineer

  • Swimming Pool Equipment Installation and Service Personnel

  • Trace Heating Engineer

  • Underfloor Heating Installer (Dry System)

  • Underfloor Heating Installer (Wet System)

  • Ventilation System Installer- Fire/Smoke

  • Ventilation Systems Installer- Louvre and Smoke

  • Ventilation System Installer- Odour Control


 Why is SKILLcard closing these CRO Cards?

SKILLcard is a partner card scheme of CSCS and is authorised to carry the CSCS logo. SKILLcard is committed, alongside all CSCS partner card schemes, to deliver to the Construction Leadership Council’s (CLC) 2025 vision. As a result, card schemes carrying the CSCS logo including SKILLcard, must only certify those occupations with nationally recognised construction related qualifications, i.e. NVQs or approved equivalents. 


What should I apply for instead?

Applicants have 3 options available.

  1. If you have no relevant qualifications or 5 years’ experience in your specific trade – provide evidence that you are registered for or currently undertaking a relevant qualification and apply for a red trainee card. Following successful completion you will be able to upgrade your red card to a blue or gold card
  2. If you do not have relevant qualifications but have at least 5 years’ experience in your specific trade - sign up to an experienced worker programme with a training provider and apply for a blue experienced worker card
  3. If you already have the relevant qualifications for your specific trade - apply for a blue skilled worker card or gold advanced craft card

For more details on the types of SKILLcards available, visit our webpage.

For more details on the experienced worker route, visit our webpage.


What if my occupation has been withdrawn and deemed non-construction related but site managers are still asking for a card?

SKILLcards are intended for construction related occupations only. If your occupation is not listed on Find the Right card or covered by a Partner Card Scheme, then your occupation may not be considered to be construction related.

Due to the wide range of skills required on construction projects, there are times when a worker arrives on site to perform a non-construction related activity, for example catering staff, cleaners, delivery drivers etc. These individuals are not construction workers and SKILLcard does not issue cards for these kinds of occupations. It is the responsibility of site managers to induct and escort non-construction related personnel to ensure they remain safe at all times when on site.

If you do not work in a construction related occupation on a construction site then you do not need a SKILLcard card.

The decision not to issue CSCS cards for non-construction related occupations is fully supported by the CLC announcement that not everyone needs a card to gain access to site, and that cards should only be issued to those working in a construction related occupation.

Should your entry to site be refused by a contractor because you do not hold a SKILLcard card, please direct them to this webpage.

Need more guidance?

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the SKILLcard team.



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