SKILLcard has gone digital with a brand new app!

Cleaning up the environment one SKILLcard at a time - it's time to reduce the plastic and move to digital. We've been working hard to bring you Digital SKILLcard and it's finally ready to download for Android and Apple users!

Existing customers will be able to see their cards, renewal dates and scan onto site straight from their phone - making it easier to get your work done!

In the next few weeks our existing customers will be invited to download and access their SKILLcard via the App. Alternatively, renew or purchase a brand new SKILLcard today and get access as soon as your application is approved!


Why go digital?


Get your SKILLcard faster

Once your SKILLcard application has been approved your card will automatically appear on your app meaning no more waiting for the plastic to arrive in the post! And with your SKILLcard available at the touch of a button getting onto site will also be simple.


Reduce your plastic usage

Play your part in reaching net zero by getting rid of your plastic SKILLcard and replace it with the new digital version


Have your SKILLcard on hand

It's annoying to have to remember multiple things for work, so now you don't have to, you just have to remember your phone

Be in the know with SKILLcard:

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