Why is SKILLcard closing its Fire Sprinkler Installer CRO Card Route?

SKILLcard is a partner card scheme of CSCS and is authorised to carry the CSCS logo. SKILLcard is committed, alongside all CSCS partner card schemes, to deliver to the Construction Leadership Council’s (CLC) 2025 vision. As a result, card schemes carrying the CSCS logo including SKILLcard, must only certify those occupations with nationally recognised construction related qualifications, i.e. NVQs or approved equivalents. This is a phased programme of closures and at this time we are now managing the closure of the Fire Sprinkler Installer card.


Fire Sprinkler Installer CRO Card Closure

We are no longer accepting new applications for the Fire Sprinkler Installer CRO card. You now need to apply for a blue SKILLcard and the following qualification route is now open in order for you to do this.

Renewal applications will no longer be accepted from 1st February 2020. 


New Fire Sprinkler SKILLcard Qualification

In order to qualify for a blue SKILLcard for the Fire Sprinkler Installer occupation, you must demonstrate the appropriate qualifications. We have worked with BAFSA (British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association) to provide a new recognised qualification, Level 2 Certificate in Fire Sprinkler Installation. There are two routes to achieve this:

  • Full course - for individuals with less than four years experience
  • Experienced worker course - for individuals with verifiable four years or more experience


The new qualification

Full course

There are a number of options for completing this qualification including day release and block release and this will take 9-12 months depending on learner experience.

To achieve the Level 2 Certificate in Fire Sprinkler Installation the learner must achieve seven mandatory units:

  • Communicate effectively in the workplace
  • Establish effective working relationships
  • Manage own Resources
  • Health and Safety
  • Awareness of Regulations in the Fire Sprinkler Industry
  • (This unit develops knowledge and understanding; however some assessment criteria should be assessed in the workplace)
  • Fire sprinkler installation and handover
  • Understanding the Fire Sprinkler Industry

You can find out more and details of course dates on the BAFSA website.

Experienced Worker Route

This qualification is open to fire sprinkler installers who have a verifiable four years experience of working as a sprinkler installer. The difference with the Experienced Worker Route (EWR) is that no new learning should be required so the course is much shorter (only five days in college) and consists of:

  • Practical assessments 
  • Professional discussion
  • Legislation and Regulation within the Fire Sprinkler Sector (a two hour Masterclass delivered by BAFSA)
  • A Multiple Choice Test Paper on Legislation and Regulation (open book)

 You can find out more and details of course dates on the BAFSA website.

Need more guidance?

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the SKILLcard team.

Email: skillcard.info@theBESA.com