SKILLcard Downloads

GoSmart software

To read a smartcard using smart technology, you will need to download the Gosmart apps.

These apps are updated periodically. If you have internet access from your laptop, you should automatically receive update reminders. If not, please make sure you check for updates regularly.

You can download the software for card readers, and Android/Windows apps here.

You can purchase a card reader from the supplier recommended by CSCS. Click here to be taken to the website.

New smart card apps

Thanks to the smart card technology SKILLcard uses, you can now download two new free apps compatible with all smart SKILLcards. 

They are:

Time and attendance

This simple app allows you to use smart SKILLcards to record details of when workers enter and leave the site by swiping in and out using an NFC (near-field communications) enabled Android smartphone or tablet. 

It will provide:

  • attendance data, including who was onsite, where, when and for how long
  • an evacuation list - invaluable if there is an emergency

Click here to be taken to the Google Play store, when you can download the Time and Attendance app. 

On-site Training Recorder

This app makes it easy to keep records of on-site training, site inductions and toolbox talks by using a smart SKILLcard. 

Logging training is a simple process:

  1. Input the details of the training session
  2. Add the trainer's information by holding their smart card to the back of your Android device
  3. After the training, hold the attendees' smart cards to the back of your Android device.

You can then email the details to yourself or copy them to your PC when you're back in the office. 

Click here to be taken to the Google Play store, where you can download the On-Site Training Recorder app. 


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