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A dedicated area for the SKILLcard CRO phasedown

Welcome to the SKILLcard CRO phasedown area, a dedicated resource to explain all things CRO related. This area will continue to be updated with further information throughout the phasedown process.

Work has commenced by SKILLcard to develop a framework to close the CRO application route and identify paths for those affected occupations to be signposted to an agreed industry qualification for that occupation. In cases where occupations are deemed non-construction related, the current SKILLcard route will be withdrawn.

We would like to reassure all CRO cardholders that their current card remains valid until the expiry date shown on the card. 

The withdrawal of SKILLcard CRO cards will be a phased approach, starting with the small number of affected occupations listed below:

What is the current status of CRO cards?

CRO Card Type Current Status
Ductwork Cleaning Specialist Under Review
Kitchen Grease Extract Operative Under Review
Medical Equipment Installer


Medical Equipment Installers are not involved in site preparation, site construction or any supporting mechanical and electrical infrastructure required to facilitate the installation of the medical equipment.

Operatives should approach the Life Science Credentialing Register for further details about the Accredited Registers programme.

Ventilation Hygiene Specialist Under Review
Fire Sprinkler Installer Under Review
Kitchen Fire Suppression System Installation Specialist Under Review


Why is SKILLcard closing its CRO Route?

SKILLcard is a partner card scheme of CSCS and is authorised to carry the CSCS logo. SKILLcard is committed, alongside all CSCS partner card schemes, to deliver to the Construction Leadership Council’s (CLC) 2025 vision. As a result, card schemes carrying the CSCS logo including SKILLcard, must only certify those occupations with nationally recognised construction related qualifications, i.e. NVQs or approved equivalents.

Will I still need a SKILLcard?

For individuals working predominately on construction sites undertaking a recognised construction occupation a SKILLcard is required. The minimum standard for skilled occupations is a relevant NVQ Level 2 qualification plus a separate health and safety element. Cards will no longer be required in respect of non-construction occupations.

With this in mind, it is now necessary for SKILLcard to begin the closure of CRO cards to satisfy the elements of the CSCS and CLC requirements for all partner card schemes: to agree appropriate qualifications for each occupation and set a minimum standard for skilled occupations at NVQ Level 2 by 2020.


SKILLcard will be in contact with all CRO cardholders to explain the pathways available to them throughout the phasedown process, allowing sufficient time to take action.

In the meantime, if you would like further information about the phasedown we are here to help, so please contact our team on   

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