Experienced worker route

This card is issued to those who have missed the chance to obtain a SKILLcard by Industry Accreditation (sometimes referred to as 'grandfather rights') and who have no formal industry qualifications.

To get a SKILLcard by the Experienced Worker route you will need to register for an NVQ/SVQ Level 2 or 3 relevant to your trade or occupation and complete an NVQ/SVQ profile with an assessor (for a list of assessment centres, click here). The Experienced Worker card is issued while an NVQ/SVQ is being achieved.  It should be replaced by a five-year SKILLcard on achievement of NVQ/SVQ Level 2 or higher.

All applicants must meet the SKILLcard health and safety requirements before applying for an Experienced Worker card.

This card is valid for three years and is non-renewable.

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